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XYZ Pager Company offers pagers, coasters and Table tracker systems through out the UK and Ireland. We have solutions for all industries where communications between customers and staff can be difficult at the best of times, we offer solutions for all communication problems business suffer with on a daily basis.

When people think of paging they thing of the old fashion pagers, they forget we have developed our systems allot more with the new cutting edge technology. Paging systems have improved drastically with more features and benefits to business in fact most of our customers can not run there business without our system anymore.

Table Locator

Table locator System - Locate your Guests


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Pager Systems

We have paging solutions for all sectors throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our paging solutions can be used for any sector of business whether its healthcare or manufacturing we cater to everyone from staff to customers. We have the solutions that can improve your business, your staff and improve your customer satisfaction.

Here are just some of the sectors we supply to. Visit our sector page to see all of them and which pager system works best in those sectors.

If you have any questions about the sectors and the products then please call us today on 01782 537000 or fill in our online contact form today and a member of our great sales team will be in touch shortly.

Please click the images to find out more about the Sectors we supply.