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Restaurant/Bars Paging Systems


We offer a range of paging solutions that can improve your staff, business and your customers satisfaction.
it isn't always easy recalling waiters/runners to the kitchen, we have a solution that can recall your waiters to the kitchen instantly and discreetly with the staff pagers.  Not only do we offer Staff paging systems to restaurants but also Table locator a system that can track your customers order time, delivery time and there location, improving your staff performance and your customer satisfaction. Table Locator.
Customer recall is also an option for busy restaurants where customers can be handed a coaster which will recall them as soon as there table or there "to-go" food is available creating a invisible cue and allowing staff to complete other jobs rather then searching the building for customers.


Working in bars can be very difficult for the staff waiting on customers and 9 times out of 10 a customer will get frustrated with the slow service... XYZ Pagers can solve this with our custom call buttons customers are able to recall staff immediately for the bill, another drink or food order without trying to get the waiters attention or even shouting them disturbing the ambiance the custom call button pages the waiters discreetly improving there performance, increasing table turns and enhancing your customers satisfaction.

Of course not only do our call buttons work great but also our staff pagers, allow staff working behind the bar to recall waiters as soon as the drinks are prepared with this system staff don't have to keep looking over the bar or miss the order completely they can collect and deliver as soon as possible making your customers very satisfied with the fast slick service.

Schools/University Paging Systems


We supply all solutions for schools and university's all across the UK with many different systems.

We offer systems such as TeacherSafe that allows teachers so discreetly call for help with a push of a button incase of violent/hostage situation.

There is also the integrated fire alarm that alerts deaf/hard of hearing pupils to leave the building immediately. All these solutions and more can help improve the communications around the school and also prevent situations where staff, students and visitors could get hurt.

Healthcare Paging


Healthcare paging solutions are perfect for recalling patients, nurses and doctors immediately. in hospitals and doctors patients can get very frustrated because of the long waits, give your patients the freedom to go grab a coffee or go out side for fresh air without worrying incase they miss there name, our patient recall system pages the patients when there appointment is ready informing them to go back to the waiting room as quick as they can. Also visit

Also introducing the NEW Guest Sessions with reporting! that can visually monitor the wait times with names of patients and which coaster they have showing you there wait time allowing you to compare different patients wait times and also giving the chance for your nurses/doctors to analyse and improve the way they are working so that patient wait times are shorter improving the patients satisfaction and eliminating any patient frustration. . Also visit for other information.

Manufacturing/First Aid Paging


Within the manufacturing industry it can be very hard to communicate to other members of staff within the warehouse, this is why XYZ Pagers has come up with the call buttons these call buttons can be pressed when anyone is in need of immediate assistance, allowing first aiders to go straight to the call button pressed reducing any more possible dangers and possibly saving life's. One great feature of the first aid butler XP is that once first aid are there they can either swipe there pager to inform other first aiders the issue is resolved or if more help is needed the other first aid members will continue to make there way to the location of the button. The XP and be mounted anywhere that's more convenient for your workers.

Not only do we have first aid solutions but we also offer a integrated system that can inform your engineers/maintenance team that a machine has stopped working and is showing an error, with this system no time is wasted waiting for a member of staff to notice the machine is down engineering get notified straight away so they can resolve the issue as soon as they possibly can. Its a great solutions for big factory's or manufacturing where machines can not be down for a long period of time.

Casino Pagers


Casinos can get very busy full of people playing and watching its important that staff are able to give customers the perfect service, we offer a system that allows customers at the table to recall waiters by pressing the casino push button this will give customers the chance to ask to speak to a member of staff without leaving the game, Not only is the push buttons perfect for that scenario but also if your casino has a restaurant our deluxe call buttons allow guests in the restaurant to easily recall waiters to there table.

We also offer casinos emergency call buttons... The Butler XP that can be used in outside and inside on the walls or discreetly under a table these buttons can be pressed by both staff or the guests in your casino is they feel threatened, by pressing the button it will immediately page a member of security that can quickly make there way to that location.

Retail/Shopping centers Paging


 Retail Paging Systems can be used to recall staff and customers within the store. They are the perfect solutions for fitting rooms so customers can call staff if they are in need of assistance reducing customer walk outs. The staff recall system can save customer frustration and in fact improve your staffs performance and boost your customer satisfaction.

Not only are push for service buttons useful as described above but are also useful by the till if staff need support. The call button has some great features that allows staff to send different messages to other staff members with a text pager. Improve your staffs performance and communications with the Push button solution.

Office Paging Systems


In many of today’s professional offices, the ability to quickly contact employees has become a necessity. Long Range Systems has developed solutions to meet every need for interoffice communications.

Whether its visitors waiting for a meeting or recalling PA's XYZ Pagers can help solve every problem with our paging solutions we have to offer.

The CS7 Coaster is the perfect solution for recalling visitors for meetings or appointments, the coaster system is available in a range of colours and looks and works professionally.

4 Line Alphanumeric pagers are the solutions for Staff recall, You can easily recall your PA's or other members of staff without leaving your office.

Pharmacy Paging Systems


9/10 Pharmacy's have a bad customer feedback because of wait times, the coaster can improve wait times and reduce customer frustration. Staff are able to quickly and easily locate people within the pharmacy to collect there prescription also a great feature of the coaster is the confidentiality! Staff don't need to call customers names out as the coaster will discreetly vibe and flash when there prescription is ready.

Give your customers freedom while they wait knowing they wont miss their prescription.

Spa & Salon Paging Systems


In today’s competitive spa and salon markets, customers demand the best treatments at an affordable price. Long Range Systems offers three solutions to help these industries become more efficient in their daily operations. The goal of all XYZ Pager’ spa products has been to increase your revenue while decreasing your overhead and expenses.

With XYZ Pager products, you spend less time running around and more time in front of customers where service is king.

Auto Dealerships Paging Systems


Auto dealerships require effective communication and exceptional service in a very demanding industry. LRS offers several solutions that will enhance customer service and increase your bottom line.

Recall visitors when appointments are ready using the CS7 allowing them to be free from a waiting room giving them the opportunity to roam around the show rooms increasing the chance of sale.