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In the competitive world of casinos, customer service is what differentiates you from others. We offer a complete line of communications solutions aimed at enhancing customer service and increasing your bottom line.

CS7 Customer Recall Coaster



Customers in the casino can have as much freedom as they want while waiting for a seat at the table, customers can then be recalled immediately so there position on the table.

The Coaster is available in a range of different colours such as Red, Blue, Green, white and multi-coloured. The Coaster Call System can have custom labels on the front that can be designed by your business, allowing you to advertise to customers or you can have instructions on where to go when the coaster vibes so customers can not get confused.

Features and Benefits of the CS7

4 charging Pins
Digital Display
Shock absorbing bumper
Tracking Mode
Vibe, beep, flash and glow modes
Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
48 hours battery life of one full charge

Waiter Call For Service Buttons


The custom Call for service waiter buttons allow guests at the table to recall staff at any point while playing at the table, this keeps customers sat at the table continuing playing instead of leaving to go to the bar.

Not only does it keep your customers at the tables playing but it also increases the customer satisfaction waiters can quickly serve customers.

The professional call button is used in many industries and is the perfect solution for recalling staff immediately for any reason.

Available as a black gloss or wooden effect the call button will look great in any business.

Benefits and Features

Improve your staffs efficiency
Improve customers satisfaction
Immediate Service
Table top buttons
LED lights
Custom Buttons

Staff Call


The Adverteaser customer recall pager is perfect for all sectors where customers need to be recalled the AT4 customer pager gives your company the chance to also advertise to you customers while they wait.
The Adverteaser is completely tamper proof and robust.

The benefits and Features of the AT4 Adverteaser customer pager

Shock Resistant Casing
Longest Possible Range
Anti-Theft Mode   
Low battery indicator
Battery Life 48-hours
Quote more accurate wait times
Reduce Customer frustration
Locate customers/guests faster