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XYZ Pagers offers a wide selection of products and services designed to make your restaurant more profitable. Since 1993, we have been the leader in restaurant paging by listening to the needs of our customers. In fact, most of our products have been created from ideas submitted by customers like you. We offer equipment for restaurant paging, Electronic Comments Cards, Wireless Internet Access Services and Motorola radios. In addition to our wireless communication products, we also provide exciting new services such as Click-Ahead Seating. At XYZ, we don't just sell equipment; we sell profitability for your bottom line.

CS7 Customer Recall Coaster - Restaurants


The perfect solutions for recalling waiting customers when there table or food is ready. Customers are able to instantly be recalled without any confusion.
Staff are able to instantly sit and serve customers increasing customer satisfaction and improving your staffs performance because of the time it takes to recall customers it creates fewer walk outs.

The digital coaster is available in a range of colours Red, Green, Blue, White, Multi-coloured.
You can also customize this coaster with branded labels that will

Features and Benefits of the CS7

4 charging pins based in the each corner of the CS7
Beep, Vibe, Flash and glowing modes
Digital Display
One full charge gives 48 hours of life
Rechargeable nickel Metal Hydride Battery
Shock absorbing bumper

CS6 Customer Recall Coaster


CS6 Coaster pagers are almost identical to the New CS7, The CS6 is the low cost recall system that allows guest to have the freedom while waiting without the worry of missing their order or name.  The CS6 is available in only Red and is the perfect solution for casual restaurants, healthcare,  bars, opticians and more.


Benefits and the features of the CS6

One site program ability
shock absorbing bumper
Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
Vibration, flash and glow alerts
4 charging pins to allow stackable charging and can be charged in any direction
Front and top view of coaster numbers
"Heartbeat"  Charging Light
Locate Customers faster
Reduce wait times
Reduce walk always

Guest Sessions


The wait is over... The NEW Guest session customer recall reporting system is here. You can now monitor and analyse your customers when why are waiting to be recalled, the new guest sessions allows you to visually see all customers names, coaster number and time they have waited to be recalled allowing you to improve the time customers are waiting on average. The guest sessions free IOS application works with CS4,CS6 and CS7, you are able to set a maximum time so that if a customer has been waiting longer than the time set it will change colour on the screen. This great NEW application allows you to record your customers wait times and analyse them overall improving your business.

Features and benefits of the Guest Sessions Customers Recall System

Monitor customer wait times
Set a maximum wait time
Provide customers an estimated wait time