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School Paging Solutions


Paging systems by Long Range Systems are utilized across a wide range of industries. Our systems are reliable and effective providing you a greater degree of communication between staff.

Academic organizations are taking advantage of the greater security that paging systems provide as well as the convenience and efficiency of using pagers where students must wait.

We offer systems that can be used for security measures, recall systems for parents, teachers and pupils.

Our paging systems can massively improve the communications within a school.

CS7 Student Call Solution



The CS7 Coaster Pager Call Solution is perfect for Schools/colleges and Universities, Students and visitors can be recalled using the cs7 coaster.

The Coaster is given too students/visitors while they wait for food in the cafe for example you can easily reduce student wait times reducing students/teachers being late to class/meetings.

Speed up service in the school canteen with coasters so that pupils, teachers or visitors can be recalled when the food is ready to reduce lines and wait times. By reducing wait times students are more likely to be on time for lessons after the dinner break.

The coasters are also perfect for keeping your students confidentiality, students can be recalled for guidance counseling sessions discreetly and immediately.

Reduce long lines but still be able to notify students.
Perfect for:

• Libraries
• Registration
• Financial Aid
• Guidance Counseling
• Canteen

Butler XP Paging Solutions for Schools


The Butler XP Paging system gives staff the protection they need, staff are able to recall other members of staff, first aid or security if needed at a push of a button. The XP can be under tables where its hidden so only the teacher/lecturer can call for help or can be wall mounted where anyone can call for help.

The butler XP is weather proof so it can be also out on the school 'playground' incase of any accident where a pupil or teacher may get hurt. As soon as the button is pressed first aid members or other staff members can be paged informing them to immediately go an assist on the school yard.

With a 1 or 2 button system you can have one button programmed for first aid and another for more staff.

Keep your teachers, visitors and pupils safe with the Butler XP pager solution

PC Paging Solutions


Campus-wide paging can eliminate class interruptions and tracking down faculty to deliver messages. Page staff from any PC on your network.