staff Recall Systems

Push for service

Call For Service Deluxe Buttons


The wooden deluxe call button is the perfect solution for fine dining, restaurants, cafes and yachts. The push for service button allows your customers/guests to feel relaxed knowing service is a push of a button away. Literally.

Restaurants can get very busy and with only a hand full of staff waiting on your customers service can something be bad for the majority of your customers, call buttons solve this. With the call button system customers are able to press the button when they need service, immediately staff are notified and can make there way to the customers table. With the quick service the call buttons overall improves the business creating faster table turns and enhancing your customers satisfaction.

The deluxe call button is available in a black gloss or a wood stain, the call buttons look perfect and elegant for all sectors of business.

Features and benefits of the Push for Service Staff Recall System

Reduce potential walk outs
Faster service
Faster table turns
Boosts customer satisfaction
improves your staffs performance
LED Buttons
Return on Investment

Wooden Call Buttons



The Wooden call button box is the perfect solution for waiter recall, customers can now discreetly notify the staff when they are in need of assistance. This will improve staffs response time which will overall create faster table turns.

The professional finish to the wooden call button makes it perfect for fine dining, bars and yachts

Leather Call Buttons


The leather staff recall system is the perfect solution for bars and restaurants, the call button can sit on the table top and that allows customers to call for the bill or for more food and drinks, Having this system will improve your staffs performance allowing them to easily serve on customers quickly and p[professionally.

Not only does it improve your staff but also boosts customer satisfaction.


Butler XP First Aid Call Buttons


The first aid call button is perfect for manufacturing where help may be needed at any time, The robust call button can be pressed by staff members that are in need for first aid assistance, first aiders are able to make there way to the call button that will then give them the oppotunity to then cancel the page that has been sent to all first aiders.

Custom Push for Service Buttons


The custom push for service deluxe call button looks and works perfect in almost all sectors, allow your customers to instantly recall staff via the call buttons. Staff are able to complete other jobs and serve on customer instantly which saves your customers getting frustrated with the lack of service.

Improve your staffs performance and boost your customers satisfaction with our deluxe custom call buttons.

Perfect for table tops on bars and restaurants.